The archaeological group of Pukapukara is located 7 km away. From the city of Cusco at an altitude of 3,580 meters above sea level. and it is on the paved road that leads to Pisaq.
Pukapukara means Red Fort; the strength comes from the location of the group and the existence of some semicircular environment; and the red for the color of the earth in the place. The name was given to him in the present century.
Most likely, Pukapukara was a tambo rather than a fortress, a kind of post where travelers stayed and merchandise, animals, etc., were temporarily housed.
Towards the western side of the complex there is the façade of the architectural complex, on a free area in the form of a small square, on the opposite side of the building it rises to a considerable height from the floor due to the unevenness of the terrain. Its location is always optimally convenient, it dominates the entire territory and there was clearly communication with the Tambomachay tower, which is one km away. away. In Pukapukara there are enclosures, interior squares, baths, aqueducts, watchtowers and an easily recognizable old path. The buildings are made of medium to small stones, the external surface of the polyhedrons is slightly rough unlike other architectural groups. The urban layout is highly adequate and functional.