Moray is a place that is located 7 kilometers from the district of Maras, and 53 kilometers from the imperial city of Cusco and is located at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level. This place impresses everyone with its deep circular amphitheater.
The region's ancestral peoples took four enormous natural depressions in the landscape and carved them into agricultural terrace levels that served, hundreds of years ago, as an experimental agricultural station for the development of different varieties of crops. This was made possible by the discovery of a fascinating phenomenon: the climates of many different ecological zones were present in a single site.
Moray is a surprising place for its beauty, and of different architecture; the scenic environment makes us recognize the ability of its builders to be inclined to create sacred spaces in such magnificent geographies. It can be appreciated that they masterfully distributed, in four spaces, groups of circular terraces; as if following the cardinal directions and, at the same time, representing the four elements in the magical world.
Moray was one of the energetic centers for agricultural experiences and cosmogonic studies, where the disciple of the sacred path was led through the secrets of the earth and the sky. From the earth they had to discover its virtues, and make combinations to obtain evolutionary results in the art of planting; as well as ingeniously using the different degrees of temperature according to the level of the terraces, from its base to the surrounding pampas. Understanding that the Incas were lovers of beauty, they had to combine technology and energy in this place; because of the ceremonies carried out in this place, the message of works for the preservation of the land that nurses us is received.