Tambomachay is 8 kilometers from the city of Cusco, one kilometer from Pukapukara, at 3,700 m.s.m.m. Tambo corresponds to collective accommodation with everything necessary to house many people who will stay for a short time. Machay means resting place more or less. The name comes from the incanato.
This place is popularly called the "Baños del Inca". It is a fairly well-preserved example of a ritual bathing site and perhaps a cult of water. We know that the Incas venerated water as one of the main elements of life and practiced devotional ablutions frequently. Here, where a spring emerges from the hillside, the Incas built a series of three waterfalls, carefully channeling them through fine stone courses. No doubt the site was less bare and desolate in times past than it is today. It was probably surrounded by trees, shrubs, and ornamental gardens.
Note an element of mystery in the location of the spring itself. The slope behind it is simply not high or big enough to provide that much water, it is supposed to enter underground from the opposite mountain, through a natural U-shaped conduit.
As its name indicates, this place was a rest area for the Inca. There, he would go hunting for pleasure, as deer were common in the surrounding areas. The Inca asked them to bring water from this spring to the city, to drink it for its healing qualities and because it was said to be a fountain of youth as well.
The set is preceded by a solid wall made of large well-fitted stones with a somewhat rough surface. In front of the main building, on the eastern side of the complex, stands a tower with a circular floor plan, unfortunately it is incomplete in its upper portion, due to its location, whoever sees it categorically believes that it had defense and communication purposes.